Founded in 2015, originally branded as Virtual Reality Jersey, Virtex Studios has established itself as the leading provider of Virtual and Augmented Reality services in the Channel Islands.

With over five years of experience in the technology & virtual reality industries, we provide unparalleled knowledge and expertise in this exciting emergent sector.​

Our aim is to show people the near infinite possibilities that Virtual and Augmented Reality present, by making the seemingly impossible a reality.


Tim McGuinness



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​As one of the financial backers for the very first Oculus Rift VR Headset (2012), Tim has been involved in the VR industry from the very beginning. With over five years of experience in both VR, a background in IT and computing support, and a personal passion for all things tech, the knowledge and expertise Tim brings to the team serves as the backbone of Virtex Studios.

Tim is the founder of, manages and competes in Team Gravity, the EU's top virtual reality eSports team. Competing at some of the biggest gaming events on the planet, such as ESL One & IEM Katowice, he isn't afraid to put himself out there.
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James made the leap into developing interactive content a few years ago; having started out as a self-taught programmer, he then completed a Masters in Game Development at Norwich University of the Arts, graduating in 2018.

James has always been interested in exploring new frontiers, and begain developing for VR after recognising the potential that it offers in terms of immersive interactive experiences.

Using Unreal Engine 4, James designs and develops the interactive elements of our experiences and visualisations; allowing you to move around custom-designed digital environments, or digital recreations of real life locations, with a fluidity and realism that is truly taking things to the next level.
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